The 2023 List
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GGV Capital U.S. is excited to unveil the Fintech Innovation 50, an annual list highlighting the most innovative emerging and established fintech companies.

Congratulations to the 2024 honorees!

Companies Nominated
Companies Selected
Equity Capital Raised
Congratulations to the honorees!
* Aven, Clara, Novo, and Stori are companies in GGV Capital U.S.’s portfolio.
Thank you to the 44 investment firms that participated in this year’s initiative

Fintech themes from the 2024 list

AI in financial services
Solutions that leverage traditional machine learning and generative AI to enhance financial workflows, credit underwriting, and fraud detection

Solutions that offer high-interest banking accounts to businesses in a high-interest rate environment, enabling companies to put idle cash to work

Financial infrastructure
Solutions that provide fintechs with greater data access, faster time-to-market for launching financial products, and more automated financial operations

Office of the CFO
Solutions that automate financial workflows including payments, budgeting, and accounting to empower CFOs to serve a more strategic function to the org

Solutions that offer credit with faster underwriting and lower cost of capital to underserved consumers and small businesses

GGV's Fintech Investments

At GGV Capital U.S., we back visionary founders and innovative companies that leverage technology to improve the financial services industry.

GGV participated in Square’s Series C back in August 2011 and followed on in Series E in October 2014. The product at the time was a small device that plugged into a headphone jack, enabling people to easily accept physical credit card payments from their mobile phones. Today, Square is a publicly listed, leading fintech providing payments and banking solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and consumers.
Series C
GGV led Opendoor's Series B in February 2015 to support founder Eric Wu's Vision of simplifying and rebuilding the consumer real estate experience - making home buying and selling - a digital experience.
Series B
GGV led SoFi’s Series G in March 2017. In January 2021, SoFi went public via SPAC at a $8.7 billion valuation. 🚀
Series G

GGV led Affirm’s Series E in December 2017 seeing potential in embedding consumer lending at checkout to catalyze e-commerce purchases. In January 2021, Affirm went public at a $12 billion valuation.

Hans Tung and CEO Max Levchin (right)

Series E
GGV led Tala’s Series D in August 2019 to support founder Shivani Siroya’s mission of facilitate consumer SMB lending in emerging markets.
Series D
GGV led Karat’s Series A in June 2021 to support founder Will Kim’s vision of providing financial card and banking solutions to digital creators in the U.S. and abroad.

The name "Karat" is born. 🥳



a measure of the purity of gold, pure gold being 24 karats.

Series A
GGV participated Divvy Homes’s Series A in June 2021 to support founder Adena Hefet’s mission of making homeownership accessible to everyone via gradual home equity buildup.

GGV led Idwall’s Series C in June 2021 to support founder Lincoln Ando’s mission to reduce fraud and malicious financial activity for fintechs and digital services in Latin America.

GGV co-led Stori’s Series C in September 2021and Series C extension in January 2022 to support founder Bin Chen’s mission to democratize access to credit cards for mid-to-low income consumers in Latin America.

Bin Chen (left) with Hans Tung
Series C
GGV co-led ADDI’s Series B in September 2021 and Series C in December 2021 to support founder Santiago Suarez’s vision to provide point-of-sale, buy-now-pay-later solutions for the Latin American market.
💸 Buy now–pay later
Series B
GGV led Pinwheel’s Series B in January 2022 to support founder Kurtis Lin’s mission to provide greater visibility into payroll data for enabling more powerful and accurate financial services.

Kurt Lin (right) with GGV’s Marcello Rossi
Series B
GGV led Northstar’s Series A in September 2022 to support founder Will Peng’s mission of providing financial wellness solutions to 100% of employees across the socio-economic spectrum.
Series A
GGV participated in Aven’s Series C in September 2022 to support founder Sadi Khan’s mission to provide structurally lower interest rates on consumer credit through asset-backed loans.
Series C
GGV led Novo’s Series B extension in November 2022 to support founder Michael Rangel’s mission of providing affordable, transparent banking services for “Main Street” SMBs in the U.S.

Co-founders Tyler McIntyre and Michael Rangel with GGV’s Robin Li and Hans Tung
GGV is supporting founder Gerry Giacomán Colyer mission to digitize corporate spend management and automate AP / AR processes for mid-market and enterprise companies across Latin America.

Gerry Giacomán Colyer with GGV’s Robin Li and Chelcie Taylor 
Series B